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Common Questions About Shamanic Healing & Mold Recovery Counseling


With alternative healing practices, it’s normal to have plenty of questions about what is best for you. Discover which energy practice is the best fit for you, how they work, and more in my FAQ.

If you’re still curious about something and need some more confidence before booking services, don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions.

Mold Recovery Counseling FAQs

A:   There are many signs including:  feeling sick, having struggled from chronic health symptoms for a long time, and not able to recover.

A:  It can take up to two years from the start of treatment for the body to fully heal.
It depends on the condition of your environment and the level of symptoms.
For someone who is chronically sick from mold and has  not been able to heal from conditions like Lyme disease, Epstein-Barr, and other chronic debilitating illness.

Shamanic Healing Energy Session FAQs

A:  It depends on what you are being seen for and how much support you need.

If you are going through a  crisis situation or have something specific that needs more attention you may feel drawn to come once a week for a bit.

Some people like to come for maintenance once every month, six weeks or couple of months while some people may come every six months to once a year.

A:  It’s different for everyone. as the energy shifts, you could feel tingling , feel cold or warm or other sensations. You may see colors, shapes or stories. You may not feel some of those things but most people who have a session with me say they have never felt so relaxed or rejuvenated.

A:  Anyone can benefit from a healing session. Whether you are going through something big or youre judt curious and drawn to a session with me. Healing sessions are especially helpful to ease trauma, stress, indecision, depression, hormone imbalance, injury , chrinic conditions, feeling stuck and more.

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