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About Susan Tracy healing

About Susan Tracy Healing

Your Shaman & Intuitive Healer

Located in Charlottesville, Virginia, my focus as a shaman and intuitive healer revolves around grounding clients to their body’s innate healing capacity. Through the channeling of love and unblocking of energy, we alleviate challenging symptoms and bring about overall life improvements. My journey into energy medicine began in 1999, and I’ve been dedicated to mastering them ever since.

Having navigated a personal 7-year struggle with chronic illness and ongoing symptoms from mold toxicity, I also extend my services as a mold recovery counselor. Leveraging my experience, I provide emotional support and expert guidance, helping others navigate the complexities and frustrations of persistent symptoms related to mold toxicity.

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Unlocking Your Body's Innate Healing Power

My Mission

Beyond the conventional, I focus on fostering a harmonious connection between mind, body, and spirit as we look toward your balanced future. My commitment is unwavering—to consistently provide holistic healing for the complete well-being of each individual.

It is a privilege to collaborate with those naturally drawn to alternative medicine practices, guiding them to unlock the profound powers of energy medicine. My vision includes empowering individuals to address not only immediate concerns but also navigate the complex path of mold toxicity symptoms and recovery.

A pivotal step in this ongoing quest is my pursuit of a Functional Nutrition Counseling certification. This certification will enrich the spectrum of services I offer, ensuring a comprehensive and balanced experience for clients. Acknowledging the impact of mold toxicity on digestion, the certification will seamlessly integrate shamanic healing with personalized nutrition plans, empowering individuals to actively contribute to their own wellness process. Together, let’s create a vision of holistic well-being that transcends the boundaries of traditional medicine.

Mind-Body Connection

Looking Toward a Balanced Future 

In alignment with the body’s remarkable ability to self-heal, my mission is to guide those drawn to holistic practices and intrigued by the potential of shamanic healing. Through an integrated approach encompassing functional nutrition, reiki, and energy medicine, the objective is to anchor clients in the energy of love while connecting to the natural world through shamanic practices, fostering the innate capacity of the human body to heal itself.

A key facet of my mission is to support individuals grappling with the enduring repercussions of mold exposure. With personal insights into the lasting effects of mold toxicity and its impact on life and relationships, my commitment is to offer gentle guidance, emotional support, and practical steps for recovery. Together, we navigate symptoms, striving to attain a renewed sense of balance.

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Who Is Susan Tracy?

25 Years of Intuitive Mastery

Originally from Texas, with roots in Kingsville, Houston, and Kerrville, I’ve called Charlottesville home since 1996. My academic career led me to Sweet Briar College. Outside the realm of wellness, I find joy in yoga, tennis, cherishing animals, and nurturing my children, family, and chosen family.

With over 15 years of management experience in retail, including ownership of a business from 2005 to 2012, I honed my skills in leadership and operations. As a certified Reiki Master Practitioner with 22 years of experience, I earned my Master Level Certificate in 2000. From 2019 to 2000, I completed courses in Reiki 1, Reiki 2, and Reiki Master level.

In 2014, I delved into the world of Birth Doula training through Tolabor. While I did not pursue certification, this experience greatly influenced my overall skill set. With 7 years of experience as a certified Zero Balancing Practitioner, I earned my certificate in January 2016. From 2014 to 2019, I completed courses in Zero Balancing 1, Zero Balancing 2, Geometry of Healing, Atlas and Axis, Skulls and Fulcrums, and Neck Evaluations.

My experience as a Shamanic Energy Healer Practitioner spans 6 years, with training completed in 2018 through the Gateway School of Shamanism. From 2016 to 2018, I trained with Deborah Wray and immersed myself in courses such as Gateway 1, Gateway 2, Advanced Dreaming and Manifestation, Advanced Tracking and Divination, and Munay Ki.

In 2016, I added a 20-hour essential oils course to my repertoire for use in health and wellness. The years 2017 and 2018 saw me undertaking an Intuitive Development course with Christen McCormack at her Spirit School. In 2019, I deepened my knowledge through a training in Channeling and Spiritual Development at Delphi University.

Since March 2022, I’ve been dedicated to my role as a Mold Recovery Counselor, drawing on my personal story of recovery to equip others with the tools to navigate their water remediation path and stay healthy. Currently, I’m enrolled in Functional Nutrition Training through the Functional Nutrition Alliance, working towards certification as a Functional Nutrition Counselor.

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